A Matter of Few More Miles

May be it has been yearsThe sun in your life hasn’t shoneBut don’t leave your hope in despairTrust me you are not alone. A thousand dampened eyesStill wait for the rainTo wash off their soulsThe very dirt of disdain. But just stop for a whileDonate a couple of minutesAs you come to the end ofContinue reading “A Matter of Few More Miles”

The Girl Who Healed

Cementing shredded pieces of heartsReleasing disquiet on paroleManuring plantlets of resilienceShe was a maiden salubrious to the soul.Prancing to the tunes of wails,She would traverse to the grieving eyesWiping off each extortionate dropShe would solace in an angel’s guise .Her gracile frame disgorged composureThe very words slipping from her lips were therapeuticHer dogmas resembled thoseContinue reading “The Girl Who Healed”

And so says a scribbler…

Called my heart for poetryAnd soul for some rhymeMy tympanum craved to palpateWith a lyric as nonchalant as a wind chime.Peered I into the kirkyard of emotionsTo water the pips of wordsTo see the boughs of rhythm growingAnd rejoice under the canopy of my orchards.Caressing an unsullied sheet of paperI blotted a point of inkMarkingContinue reading “And so says a scribbler…”

Battling Gloomy Days

On certain low and gloomy days,Pain is all you see,Dismay seems to weigh you down,In none you find glee.The souls with whom you’ve mingled well,Brutally make you bleed,The ones for whose joy you endeavoured,Grudge the moment you succeed.You toil relentlessly for days,But diligence doesn’t pay off,To cope with impending failures,You find it really tough.Stories ofContinue reading “Battling Gloomy Days”

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