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Don’t Listen

If we stop for a while and look around us, most of us will not find ourselves in the place we wanted to be, someday. We have often changed paths. Presumed adversities have overpowered our exigency to explore a new way. Most of the time it’s our well wishers who hold us back. Their intentions are pure but their fears throw shackles over our bodies.

This poem is an appeal to every individual who decides to traverse an unconventional path. It will be difficult initially. But for once unshackle the fetters of fears that others have thrown around you, for you yourself are too brave to have made that decision. A lot of those paths are undiscovered. Walk down one of them. Who knows, it might just be easier and pleasanter than the one all choose to travel.

When you see a path
None other could see
Or didn’t dare to walk
Wondering what it could be
When your heart scurries
Beneath your skin
And you think of none
But when to begin
When voices are loud
Inside your head
But there’s chaos around
Keep quiet instead.

Listen to what
The voices say
Your senses to your soul
Bare you lay
Lift your foot
And take a step
Don’t stop until
Arrives the doorstep.

Make silence your weapon
To jostle the crowd
As you reach the threshold
You can’t help being proud.
Use that zest
To step on the eerie path
Start marching
Don’t presume the aftermath.

They’ll fill your ears
With words of dread
And will persuade you
To not go ahead.

But don’t stop!

Feel your veins
Carrying blood that boils
Hot enough
To incinerate turmoils.

Still you know
That you’ll be pained
They’ll smirk
And ask what you gained.
Sing yourself
The song of hope
You’ll get the power
With angst to cope.

But don’t stop!

You’ll go through the hardest time
And the darkest tunnel
With ears bleeding
From the cacophonous warning knell

But you will emerge!

You will emerge
Into light and air
After all ordeals
You’ll have to bear
The light will fill
Your gaping wounds
Your ears will heal
From the melody the world croons.

There will be silence
All around
To hear you speak
Would wait the town.

So it’s for you
To know today
All roads lead
To the end one day.

Travel the one
For you ,your heart shapes
Don’t listen!
For most of them
Have never tasted the grapes!!


3 thoughts on “Don’t Listen

  1. This is so so inspiring! How can you write all this at your age? I must confess that I have become your fan! My dear poetess may you keep on blooming ❤️


  2. I do agree with Ranja ma’am. You are a mature and a very sensible writer which is very rare at this age…..
    Your selection of words are great …
    I am wishing you *best of luck*


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