I Wish

When you grieve for the waning moon
I wish, I could allure you with the galaxy of stars
Till the full moon day
And drench you in the song of hope
Loud enough, that you don’t hear
What others say.

When I dread seeing the sun setting
I wish, you could tell me
That it sets to rise the next morning
And clasp my cold hands
With your warm ones
To succour me to pull through the appalling evening.

When disquietude strangles you
And your eyelids oscillate between uncertainties
As you crave for slumber to creep
I wish I could croon a lullaby
Praying from the core of my heart
That could possibly rock you to sleep.

When you see the stone not cracking
Despite multiple strikes
And I bogging down with despair
I wish you could caress my aching body
Stoking the dying fire of patience
And brace me for the little more pain that I have to bear.

When I sense the lump in your throat growing
Your vision getting blurred by the film of tears
While you breathe unusually deep
I wish I could give you enough warmth
So that your melancholies meander out
And tell you that you will not be called weak if you weep.

When I stand wide eyed
Clad in the cloak of darkness
Frantically searching for light
I wish you could take it off
And pull me out with zest
To be soaked in the abundance of sunlight.

When you are drained out of verve
Feeling forsaken and detested
Thinking that you should try no more
I wish I could inoculate hope drop by drop every day
Loving you enough, shaking you back into life
And tell you that there still are people you need to live for.

In the cosmos, like debris and rubbles
Notwithstanding our identities
If we could stand for each other
May be
We could be a lot happier.

A Matter of Few More Miles

May be it has been years
The sun in your life hasn’t shone
But don’t leave your hope in despair
Trust me you are not alone.

A thousand dampened eyes
Still wait for the rain
To wash off their souls
The very dirt of disdain.

But just stop for a while
Donate a couple of minutes
As you come to the end of this
You might just transcend your limits.

It might have been so
That you’ve given your flesh and blood
To love the people of your life
Who later, your joy, ruthlessly nipped in the bud.

It might have been so
That you’ve stretched your aching hands as rope
For a lot of people out there
Who callously pushed you down the slope.

It might also have been so
That you’ve been the silver drops in their times of drought
But when you needed them the most
They effortlessly fell out.

Now , as crestfallen you stand
With a thousand fingers pointing you
Let your persona defend you
And don’t point your own fingers too.

To love was not your fault at all
And neither believing was
The people you chose didn’t deserve you
All the mishaps, this did cause.

It’s not the right time to brood
But to embrace the lesson learnt
To discern the hundred unmasked trippers
Thankfully, quite early in your jaunt.

Stand before the mirror once
Find the fire in your eyes
That’s adept at burning all your regrets
Make sure that it never dies.

Feel the power your lone soul possesses
Breathe, drop and lift your lashes
You don’t have to rise like the phoenix
Just don’t let others turn you into ashes.

And listen to what the brook says
‘For men may come and men may go
But I go on forever’
Like the brook, you bicker along
Let the inane people haver.

Be a perennial brook of compassion
Under the sun you will always be glowing
Those who intend to stay with you
To keep up the pace, in rhythm will be flowing.

To gather the gems on your way
May be it’s a matter of few more miles
But you’ll certainly find men for your life
Who can blissfully bleed to frame your smiles.

Love- A Paradoxical Escapade

Passionately smooching each other
One nuzzling the other dove
Triumphantly envying me
Made me ruminate my cowardice towards love.
That love is the contorted version of devotion
I had been soothing myself with
Vowing not to plunge into the tantalizing pool
I thought I rescued my heart from the impassioned scythe.
Closing eyes I thought
‘The horripilation of solicitous touches
And wobbles in the gut
Are mere callow theatrical things
To which pragmatic minds, their doors must shut.
And love being called a solvent
Perhaps a fallacious judgement of credibility,
For it cannot solvate inherent flaws
Making space only for perfections and affability.
Roughly dragging into a field
Of subsequent tests of fidelity
Love mainlined with the venom of possessiveness
Demands regular testaments of chastity.
Hearts vow to coalesce
But minds fail to acquiesce
Souls scuffle in the mean
Landing up in a putrefying mess.
The bondage is never as flawless as it seems
Arms don’t circle round you whenever you want
Often it’s not the coveted hands coming to mend your ripped heart
Love is rather a painfully silent rant. ‘
But the moment I opened my eyes
And willingly cleansed my glasses
I saw the metamorphosis of my views
And my notions eventually churning into ashes.
The breeze gracefully bends down
Planting a kiss on the leaves
They shyly wriggle and rustle
Like a bride who gives off euphoric heaves.
And the sea…
The sea despite being turned down
Courses towards the shore
At times though it slows down
It always tries some more.
The sun like an evasive beau
From east to West continues to run
The sunflower but endeavours to glimpse
For it just can’t stop loving the sun.
The clouds often projecting dominance
Garb the sun in the darkest cloak
A couple of hours elapses the clock
And the same sun, with its comforting warmth
The brimming tears of the clouds does soak.
How the mighty , blazing sun
Elegantly dies every day
So that the cold moon can live
And get some hours to be gay.
Love is not so spick and span
It is a blissful pain
It’s all about losing yourself
Without thinking what you gain.
There is beauty in imperfections
In chasing your elusive love
There is always a pleasure in embracing flaws
And with your beloved rising above.
This planet functions with warped affairs
With no disruption of harmony
Clad in the robes of mundane passion
We fail to frisk with love’s pristine symphony.
There is gratification in haughty grievances
And of course pleasure in pain
Who can know the elation of a selfless amity
Without having self conceit slain.
Of course we can’t have fairy tales
We need not strive for them
Let’s aspire for poignant companionships
Doing away with the blame game.
For once don’t love but be devoted
And from expectations rise above
Like you give in to God, not knowing if he did nod
See how the toughest of people genuflect,
Confessing you their love!