The Girl Who Healed

Cementing shredded pieces of hearts
Releasing disquiet on parole
Manuring plantlets of resilience
She was a maiden salubrious to the soul.
Prancing to the tunes of wails,
She would traverse to the grieving eyes
Wiping off each extortionate drop
She would solace in an angel’s guise .
Her gracile frame disgorged composure
The very words slipping from her lips were therapeutic
Her dogmas resembled those of a gnostic
For her age she was too pragmatic.
She empathised with people
But never dropped a tear
Letting all sorrows cascade down her throat
She quashed the looming fear.
The beauty of maple leaves at fall, she was
After a doleful, winter, she was the spring that followed
She was the antidote of love for men poisoned with hate
And remedial potion to fill the sore hearts hollowed.
Having a semblance to a colossal crucible
She billeted their melancholies
Editing spurious lines in relationships
She brought out quite beautiful allies.
Caressing bruised bodies
She tactfully stripped the contused skin
Lifting corners of downturned curved mouths
On remorseful faces she could engender a grin.
Mending broken boats of lives
Dexterous in using oars
Picking up ship wrecked kins
She endeavored to surf till the shores.
Seeing her zest to live
And her patience to hear all unvoiced
They thought she had a mirthful life
And all those years she had just rejoiced.
On being pestered by people
She commenced narrating her story
Unlike prejudiced by them
It was not an euphoric quarry.
“ All those who smile aren’t happy
Neither those who cry are sad
All those who are composed aren’t sane
Neither all the frenzied are mad.
I am not a preacher
Nor am I on a counselling spree
And this eternal beam on my face
Is but the fruit of a giant, dolorous tree.
With no one to call mine
I was all alone on this mystifying earth
An abandoned girl wandering
To find solace since her birth.
My tender body never got fondled
Neither my tears soaked in motherly palms
I got enough essentials to survive
But love wasn’t to be received as alms.
Life did lash out at me
I wanted to scream, but had nobody to hear
I cried till I dried my glands
For years my cheeks didn’t taste a drop of tear.
Discovering that I’ve come so far
Without slashing wrists or poking skin
I patted myself
And bragged a little within.
But having known well enough
What many a people do lack
I set about on a venture
Without ever looking back.
I became an unbiased ear
To the million unheard voices
In disguise I was the angel
Enjoining people to their choices.
I soaked the precious tears
Before they dampened mushy cheeks
As an acoustic foam I absorbed
All the painful shrieks.
Like water I quenched
The heaving flames of avengement
I endeavoured to free a lot
From the cryptic claws of beguilement.
Finding my path of consolation
I chose to stride on that
Treating wounded souls on way
Their cognitive dissonance I did combat.
Be it swabbing the debilitating tears
Or vibrating voice cords hushed with vehemence
‘twas I being inoculated with peace
Getting drenched in a gratifying essence.
As I stroked excruciating bodies
Emancipating them from pain
My own gaping wounds got filled
And immense relief I did gain.
When they say my words cure them
In the mean I get cured too
All those remedies my diseased being couldn’t get
I bust a gut to give it through you.”
So the girl who healed
Did finish her tale
To moisten eyes listening to her
In the mean she didn’t fail.
All fights might not end with peace
And not all tragedies with tears
Be hungry to know that every story
Don’t quench your thirst by just what appears.

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