Mothering poetry

Quite young was I,tender was my soul,untouched by world’s ferocity,I was a damsel chasing my goal.One fine day when God ordained,words born out of me,I began weaving each of them,and couldn’t resist my glee.Words were the cells you know,tissue was each line,organs were the stanzas and organism ?It later became my spine.That day I embracedContinue reading “Mothering poetry”

My way of catharsis

When dismay chokes me from within,and makes me feel nauseated,when it renders me oblivious to words,and I feel deprived and defeated,I stealthily creep,into my secret sojourn of Elysium,to find my ultimate respite,though it’s not a fancy mausoleum.In there, I tune in a symphony,and give up my sanity,my soul coalesces with every word,I voluntarily lose myContinue reading “My way of catharsis”

Pen friend

Under the starry sky,and the moon bright,as I sit on the lush meadows,I get nudged to write.Enveloped in tranquility,embraced by solitude,my pen writhes on the paper,my heart brims with gratitude.Amidst the turbulence of emotions,I become hysterical,I lose control over myself,and sit down to write something cynical.My heart nurtures each emotion,gulps down my mind like aContinue reading “Pen friend”

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