A Cloak and Dagger Junction

According a report by WHO: Mental health conditions account for 16% of the global burden of disease and injury in people aged 10–19 years. Half of all mental health conditions start by 14 years of age but most cases are undetected and untreated (1). Globally, depression is one of the leading causes of illness andContinue reading “A Cloak and Dagger Junction”

The Pauper’s Patronage

From a childhood scourged by the atrocities ofPaucity,I could carry none but grumpiness with me into,Adulthood,My soul, failing to comply with the impending servitude,Nudged to cross the threshold of my miniscule abode,Just when I was about to consummate marriage.So there was I, a destitute,But obstinate enough, not to be aVagrant,Since forfeiture dared not touch me,‘twasContinue reading “The Pauper’s Patronage”

Gauging Virtues

In the famous Indian epic Ramayana, Ram , Lakshman and Sita are the most sought after characters . But Sita’s sister , Urmila , inspite of her selfless decision and projection of immense maturity is not often discussed. Urmila obeyed her husband , Lakshmana , and stayed back in Ayodhya to look after her inContinue reading “Gauging Virtues”

Beyond the flawless skin !

As I  gaze at the glaring glass of mirror,The fascimile of a  maiden I see,Wrapped in an immaculate skin she is,From all blemishes and speckles it’s free.Her visage conceives all reasons of vanity,But reflects sheer drabness,As if her mind is wreaking havoc,With all the brewing happiness.Her beautiful eyes look tormented,Perturbed by the pandemonium in herContinue reading “Beyond the flawless skin !”

Dream or Nightmare ? (Today’s prompt – joke)

At the threshold of adulthood, my heart saw a flush of pink, perhaps love was about to commence, in the ocean of passion I was ready to sink. There stood a maiden , right infront of me, my eyes rekindled at her sight, my soul began frollicking in glee. An immaculate stretch of sun tannedContinue reading “Dream or Nightmare ? (Today’s prompt – joke)”

Humbling Haughty Humans

Standing on the pedestals,are statues of great men,they claim to be greater,even greatest as they ken.The pedestals are flimsy,in so big a city,which again is a petty corner,in a state so pretty.The country houses so many statesof them that is one,not much talked about,they say, it’s just a clan.Bigger is the continent,that harbours these all,takeContinue reading “Humbling Haughty Humans”

Mothering poetry

Quite young was I,tender was my soul,untouched by world’s ferocity,I was a damsel chasing my goal.One fine day when God ordained,words born out of me,I began weaving each of them,and couldn’t resist my glee.Words were the cells you know,tissue was each line,organs were the stanzas and organism ?It later became my spine.That day I embracedContinue reading “Mothering poetry”

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