My way of catharsis

When dismay chokes me from within,
and makes me feel nauseated,
when it renders me oblivious to words,
and I feel deprived and defeated,
I stealthily creep,
into my secret sojourn of Elysium,
to find my ultimate respite,
though it’s not a fancy mausoleum.
In there, I tune in a symphony,
and give up my sanity,
my soul coalesces with every word,
I voluntarily lose my identity.
The prowess of the tune,
outdoes mine everytime,
I end up acquiescing in it,
for it is so sublime.
I swing with the melody,
dance it has been named,
it is done so inadvertently,
I feel it is divinely ordained.
I twirl and twirl like a tornado,
in circles as big as I can,
till my despair suffers a tangential cast,
its ingress for hours I ban.
I stretch my legs and point my toes,
making way for my gruesome woes,
I see them meandering out of it,
eroding hillocks of the darkest hues.
I get dragged into a different realm,
each word of the melody seeps through my skin,
they get manifested on my visage,
as I frivolously sauter and spin.
As perspiration runs down my forehead,
my soles become red and sore,
I free myself from the alluring grip of the tune,
and land with a sigh on the floor.
I take in a whole lot of liberty,
and respire utter bliss,
I feel as if placidity,
bends down over me to kiss.
That’s my way to catharsis,
in disguise it’s a boon,
embrace solitude for a moment,
and find yours one soon.

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