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Know that..

In a ted talk I was recently listening to, the speaker used a line, ” Life is a race but who asked you to take part? ” This hit me hard. We have been so busy finding a space in the queue for ourselves that we have forgotten to ask what we want out of life. Seeking validation has been obligatory. Shattering fences and renouncing comfort zones are believed to have become mandatory. But why?

Let’s take a step back and view life from a broader perspective. Where are we all placed? What are we running to achieve? Isn’t it said that even if you win the rat race, you will still be a rat. So why this recklessness to reign over a region that already has a million aspirant emeperors fighting?

Seeing this insane craze of people around us, there are times when we feel laid back. There are times when this over enthusiasm, instead of encouraging us pushes us into the pit, drains all the pep out of us. And I know, we almost choke ourselves to be at par with others in the race. But remember, the guidelines to a happy life varies for every other person.

Through the poem below, I have tried to present a piece of solace to all the toiling, perplexed souls by letting them know that it’s absolutely fine to prefer a conducive space to a detrimental one. It is not necessary to take the strenous path every time. Even if you don’t take a lot of risks, you will still have an audience waiting to know your story. Pain does not define what you gain . So calm down. After all,of what use is a golden bed, if your body aches at the end of the day.

Know that you’re not wrong
For not desiring the pleasure that pain guarantees
Know that you’re not wrong
To eschew honey, for you’re too afraid to be stung by bees.

If two paths join today and morrow
It isn’t imperative to bleed on the thorny one
If you choose to stride the tufted track
You won’t subject to futility your every plan .

It’s fine if you don’t wish to break boundaries
For every one of them broken, isn’t there another one to break?
You can explore every inch within it
Though snapping it might just be a piece of cake.

It’s fine to ponder only over the “ possibles”
And not to have the wildest dream
If you think you don’t have to find a reason
To be able to engender a beam.

In a flamboyant ocean of possibilities
Why be enticed towards the corals of pain?
You can reach the shore with a spotless skin
For bruises don’t count what you gain.

Step out of the queue for once
Think, what out of life you want to make
Aren’t we all just clueless trippers
Why always put our peace at stake!
The warmth of your cocoon isn’t that bad
Relish, as long as you feel, stay away
It isn’t requisite to invite adversities
You are strong enough to brave what comes your way.

Chase only what finds you an ounce of joy
Your comfort you need not inthrall
To hold on to things you already have
Know that isn’t wrong at all.

Calm down, breathe. Don’t be too hard on your shell
You’re going great, with some gaiety you swell
Despite not plunging into perilous seas or climbing precipitous hills
Know that, you still can have a story to tell.


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