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Pain and Poetry

Today why my heart rips apartMy soul knocks on my chest expecting propulsionWhy I drown into nothingness todayWhy sorrow feels like something to be sufferedAnd not expressed.I remember there were daysNot so rosyYet days when alphabet clamoured in mindSwimming in the pool of emotionsDays when I would sit backTo carefully string them into wordsAnd stuffContinue reading “Pain and Poetry”

Can poems written to be won, ever win?

As I scan through my Instagram feedI come across posts bartering poems for shoutouts.They read, “ The best entry shall receive a shoutout from our side”.But I want to know, “ Can poems written to be won, ever win? “For when I write, I write to be relievedOf the obstinate gibber stone that squatsOn myContinue reading “Can poems written to be won, ever win?”

Cerebral Jaunts

Leafing through the erudite sheetsBlissfully sniffing biblichorTempted to relish in the stuporPint by pint I quaff the printed liquor.Leaping into a different worldAn eerie road I strideSometimes as a delinquent lassSometimes as an evasive bride.Gulping potions of passionDaring to face the wrath of dragonHow astute it feelsTo hurl at kins the literary jargon!Empathy runs inContinue reading “Cerebral Jaunts”